Carver Fight Choreography

As we continue rehearsing the fight for "Carver", we thought it may be fun to release a little teaser of what we've been doing. This clip is about 2/3 of the way through the whole fight. We're not trying to sell anything yet, we're still working on memorizing the moves. 

The idea here in what you're seeing, is that Kyle's character has a bag of chalk attached to his belt at his hip, that I rip off as he sweeps me to the ground. As I get back up, I'm flinging the chalk into his face to disorient him, as I front kick him to the ground. I should probably mention that Carver isn't the fairest fighter. He's more concerned with survival than honor. 

Its a low quality video, that's all we had on our hands today. If you're all real nice, we may post a fancy Hi-Res one sometime soon.