Photo Credit  Cody James

Photo Credit Cody James

Chris Hunt, is an American cartoonist from Boise, Idaho though he currently resides in New York City. He has been working primarily in comics for the past five years, but has also done a number of projects within the music and film industry. Past clients include Dark Horse Comics, Universal Music Group, Biz3 Mgmt, ZIP Comics, and IDW Comics. In 2010, Hunt was invited to study as a resident artist, at The Atlantic Center for The Arts (ACA) under Master Artist, Paul Pope.


Hunt is currently working on CARVER: A Paris Story, a full length graphic novel which expands the story of, Francis Carver, the gentleman of fortune that premiered in Hunt's self published, VOLUME ONE. A short film adaptation is in production as well, through the recently formed, Idaho production company, New Century Storytelling. 


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